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Welcome to the Local Stair Lifts 101 Local Pages. Here you will find local resources about Stair Chairs in Hattiesburg, MS and some related products that may be of interest to you. For your convenience, we have also compiled a list of businesses and services around Hattiesburg, including Medical Equipment, Health Insurance, and Remodeling Contractors that should help with your search. Before you take a look at the local resources, please browse through our competitively priced products that you could order from the comfort of your own home.

The Pinnacle Stair Lift is the new standard for stair lifts thanks to a variety of innovations and a sleek, unobtrusive package. The Pinnacle offers innovations on a variety of fronts. Gone is the standard track design that requires grease to applied 2-3 times a year. It has been replaced by the Pinnacle's polymer worm track that requires no greases or lubricants. Gone is the cable and drum drive that requires a significant amount of power to operate. It has been replaced by the Pinnacle's patented helical drive system that gives you more than twice the trips per charge. Gone is the industrial packaging most stair lifts offer. It has been replaced by the Pinnacle's sleek package that uses only 11" of space when folded and that features pleasing curves and soft surfaces. The Pinnacle Stair Lift is the new standard for stair lifts for more than just the reasons listed above. Call 1-800-910-0954 today to find out why! Make sure to ask about our installation and measurement package that is included with every Pinnacle stair lift we sell. Not available for purchase online.
Move manual wheelchair users up and down stairs without requiring any action from the wheelchair user with the AmeriGlide Wheelchair Stair Climber. Whether the setting is public, commercial, or residential, this device means that stairs are not longer an obstacle and you don't have to worry about purchasing or installing expensive platform lift devices. The AmeriGlide Wheelchair Stair Climber can even be disassembled into two pieces for easier transport. That means you can provide wheelchair access up and down stairs in multiple locations - something a platform lift can never do.
Stair Lifts 101 is proud to bring you the new AmeriGlide Vesta Stair Lift. This battery powered stair lift is new and improved from previous models. Its sleek design will look better in your home for a very small price increase. Options that you usually would have to pay significantly more for come standard on the Vesta, making your purchase decision much simpler. The Vesta comes with all of the top notch safety features you would expect from AmeriGlide, including the constant-pressure toggle switch, footrest sensor, and sensors to make sure nothing is in the way of the stair lift's track. The keylock feature comes standard on the Vesta, and is great for households with children or people you don't want operating the stair lift. Also, the Vesta comes with an optional flip-up rail for people with cramped staircases.  If you have ever used an AmeriGlide product, you know that you're getting the best quality on the market, and Stair Lifts 101 guarantees you the lowest possible price.
For the absolute best bargain on an AmeriGlide Outdoor stair lift, shop with us and buy a used model! Our used stair lifts are purchased from customers who had a stair lift installed in their home at one point and no longer have need of the device. We buy back the stair lift and put it through our intensive factory inspection process, ensuring that it meets our standards for quality and safety, and replacing worn components if necessary. Buying these used lifts allows us to pass on huge savings to our customers, so that you can save more than a thousand dollars below list price on an industry-leading mobility product! For one great low price, you'll get an AmeriGlide Outdoor stair lift with components designed to last for years without requiring replacement or maintenance. The AmeriGlide Outdoor features a 180-degree swiveling seat and 300-pound weight capacity, and plugs into any standard household electrical outlet with GFI protection.

Local Companies

Mississippi Medical Supplies LLC
(601) 264-8000
6074 US HWY 49
Hattiesburg, MS
Sims Prosthetics & Orthopedic Appl
(601) 264-1389
201 S 27th Ave
Hattiesburg, MS
Medical Suppliers

Village Pharmacy Llc
(601) 296-0807
560 Weathersby Rd
Hattiesburg, MS
Medical Suppliers

Mr Discount Drugs Rush Med Clinic
(601) 703-9642
1800 12th St
Meridian, MS
Medical Suppliers

Rightcare Medical Inc
9218 Pontotoc Pl
Olive Branch, MS
Medical Suppliers

Mary E Thomsen
(601) 543-0268
173 Cherry Oak Trl
Petal, MS
Medical Suppliers

Pharmacy Plus Inc
115 S 40th Ave
Hattiesburg, MS
Medical Suppliers

Jean Shaw
1123 23rd Ave
Meridian, MS
Medical Suppliers

Southern Pharmaceutical Corporation
(662) 534-2012
206 Starlyn Ave
New Albany, MS
Medical Suppliers

Ne Mississippi Peritoneal Dialysis Llc
(662) 844-4740
1542 Medical Park Cir
Tupelo, MS
Medical Suppliers

WLM Insurance, LLC
(662) 401-4495
1601 West Main Street, Suite B
Tupelo, MS
Bailey Ray
(601) 824-6087
611 Tara Road
Brandon, MS
Big D Lawn Landscaping
(662) 622-0050
9025 Highway 51
Coldwater, MS
Carroll Ronald N Gardener
(601) 981-1244
1155 Forest Avenue
Jackson, MS
Cameron Kirk
(601) 898-0775
500 Cobblestone Court
Madison, MS
(662) 378-2006
4378 Highway 1 South
Avon, MS
Perma Green Lawn Care
(601) 925-0307
713 Lindale Street
Clinton, MS
Poyners Lawn Care and Tree Removal
(662) 287-9622
1308 Wick Street
Corinth, MS
Westby-Gibson Landscaping- Inc.
(601) 957-5045
275 Allstate Drive
Jackson, MS
Automatic Rain
(662) 895-0751
4135 Oakland Drive
Olive Branch, MS
A AA Lawn Service
(601) 545-2906
1722 1st Terrace
Hattiesburg, MS
Arbor Landscape & Home Services Inc
(601) 264-5282
110 West Ray Drive
Hattiesburg, MS
Heritage Lawn & Garden Center
(601) 264-6534
4404 West 4th Street
Hattiesburg, MS
Karnes Landscape
(601) 296-9560
938 Richburg Road
Hattiesburg, MS
Landscape Management Group
(601) 264-5227
19 Brand Lane
Hattiesburg, MS
A-Fireplace Wholesale
(601) 583-6453
1507 North Main Street
Hattiesburg, MS
Daybreak Lawn Service
(601) 261-2172
1052 Richburg Road
Hattiesburg, MS
Hollie Gardens
(601) 268-6888
5173 West 4th Street
Hattiesburg, MS
L & G Marble
(601) 583-4586
610 West Street
Hattiesburg, MS
Mississippi Grass Nursery
(601) 268-8888
117 U S Highway 49
Hattiesburg, MS