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Welcome to the Local Stair Lifts 101 Local Pages. Here you will find local resources about Stair Lifts in Rapid City, SD and some related products that may be of interest to you. For your convenience, we have also compiled a list of businesses and services around Rapid City, including Medical Equipment, Health Insurance, and Remodeling Contractors that should help with your search. Before you take a look at the local resources, please browse through our competitively priced products that you could order from the comfort of your own home.

Stair Lift Measurement Service
Stair Lift Installation and Measurement Services
Buying a used stair lift can be a great economical alternative when deciding on a stair lift. You can save hundreds of dollars and still buy a quality stair lift. When we have customers that no longer are in need of a stair lift, we buy them back. We then inspect the lift for quality and sell it for a significantly lower price. The Vesta Stair Lift by AmeriGlide is battery powered and improved from previous models. Its sleek design will look better in your home for a very small price increase. Options that you usually would have to pay significantly more for come standard on the Vesta, making your purchase decision much simpler. The Vesta comes with all of the top notch safety features you would expect from AmeriGlide, including the constant-pressure toggle switch, footrest sensor, and sensors to make sure nothing is in thew way of the stair lift's track. The keylock feature comes standard on the Vesta, and is great for households with children or people you don't want operating the stair lift. With the Vesta you also have the option of adding the flip-up rail for cramped staircases. If you have ever used an AmeriGlide product, you know that you're getting the best quality on the market, and Stair Lifts 101 guarantees you the lowest possible price.
For the most advanced solution to providing access to raised exterior entrances of your home, choose the AmeriGlide Deluxe Outdoor Stair Lift. The AmeriGlide Deluxe Outdoor adds advanced weatherproofing to the design of the AmeriGlide Deluxe AC Stair Lift, and comes with three covers to protect your exterior lift from harsh weather, including wind, rain, snow, and ice. The AmeriGlide Deluxe Outdoor operates on any outdoor electrical outlet with ground fault interruption (GFI) circuit protection. With a 350-pound weight capacity, safety features and designs made to comply with all applicable ASME standards, and a 5-year parts and 10-year drive train warranty, the AmeriGlide Deluxe Outdoor Stair Lift will meet all of your needs for exterior applications!
For the absolute best bargain on an AmeriGlide AC stair lift, shop with us and buy a used model! Our used stair lifts are purchased from customers who had a stair lift installed in their home at one point and no longer have need of the device. We buy back the stair lift and put it through our intensive factory inspection process, ensuring that it meets our standards for quality and safety, and replacing worn components if necessary. Buying these used lifts allows us to pass on huge savings to our customers, so that you can save more than a thousand dollars below list price on an industry-leading mobility product! For one great low price, you'll get an AmeriGlide AC stair lift with components designed to last for years without requiring replacement or maintenance. The AmeriGlide AC features a 180-degree swiveling seat and 300-pound weight capacity, and plugs into any standard household electrical outlet.
Harmar's Pinnacle stair lifts have never been more affordable, because now you can save even more by buying a used Pinnacle unit! When the seat is folded up, the Pinnacle only takes up 11 inches of space on your stairway, so maneuvering around the stair lift is a snap! This energy efficient stair lift is low-maintenance and powered by a DC battery which recharges during use, ensuring that if your power goes out, you always have enough juice to make one more trip so you can get somewhere safely! Used Pinnacle stair lifts must be installed by our technicians. This service is available nationwide and is already included in the price of the unit - no hidden fees are assessed for installation. A 90-day parts-only warranty is also included with purchase!
The AmeriGlide HD Stair Lift is a heavy-duty mobility device that can support up to 500 pounds of weight. It is outfitted with an extra-wide padded seat and ETL-listed, meaning it complies with ASME A18.1 safety standards. The AmeriGlide HD plugs directly into any 110-volt electrical outlet with no special wiring or adapters required. We recommend that the AmeriGldie HD only be used on stairways with a width of 36 inches or greater, as the lift unit takes up 30 inches of space. Also, please be advised that the lift's seat faces downstairs when in use to accommodate higher weight loads.
Reconditioned Stair Lifts are a great option. We buy used stair lifts back and inspect them for quality. We then sell them back to you at a much lower cost so that you have huge savings! If you have a narrow staircase and installing a standard stair lift just doesn't seem practical, the Rave Stair Lift by AmeriGlide is your answer. The Rave sticks out from the wall at only about 11 inches, when the seat is folded up; so other people can easily use the stairs that don't need a lift. All of the standard safety elements you expect from AmeriGlide are on the Rave, but on a much slimmer design! Weight capacity isn't compromised on this smaller design either, with a max limit of 350 pounds. Call today to speak with an expert. Stair Lifts 101 always gives you the lowest price on mobility equipment and the Rave is no exception.

Local Companies

Black Hills Regional Eye Institute
(605) 341-9170
2800 3rd St
Rapid City, SD
Medical Suppliers

Big Sky Physical Therapy
(605) 737-0872
552 Kirkeby Ln
Rapid City, SD
Medical Suppliers

Unomed Inc
(605) 338-9980
610 N Kiwanis Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Medical Suppliers

Averna Mckennan
(605) 331-4050
1001 E 21st St
Sioux Falls, SD
Medical Suppliers

N & N Inc
(605) 361-9991
2425 S Shirley Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Medical Suppliers

Black Hills Orthotics And Prosthetics
(605) 341-8577
1802 Elm Ave
Rapid City, SD
Medical Suppliers

Prairie Rehabilitation Service
(605) 334-5630
1008 S Cliff Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Outpatient Physical Therapy

Acucare Physical Therapy Ltd
(605) 335-7723
1700 S Minnesota Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Medical Suppliers

Omnicare Pharmacy & Supply Services Inc
(605) 361-3244
3501 S Kelley Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Medical Suppliers

Able Ii Prosthetics & Orthotics
(605) 882-4743
1201 Mickelson Dr
Watertown, SD
Medical Suppliers

Runnings Fleet & Farm
(605) 226-2600
804 S 5th St
Aberdeen, SD
Designworks Inc
(605) 394-0394
526 Saint Joseph Street Suite B
Rapid City, SD
Cook Implement
(605) 734-5254
34681 248th St
Chamberlain, SD
Petal Pusher
(605) 232-8856
202 North Derby Lane
North Sioux City, SD
Heritage Nursery
(605) 343-8559
3500 West Chicago Street
Rapid City, SD
The Farm Store
(605) 873-2247
208 Main
Estelline, SD
Eugene Beckman & Sons
(605) 693-3514
A G Plaza
Brookings, SD
Coletta Tree Farm Inc
(605) 578-2691
21292 Hidden Treasure Lane
Deadwood, SD
Moodie Implement Inc.
(605) 224-1631
3701 East Hwy 14
Pierre, SD
Main Crop USA
(605) 343-7234
1109 Valley Drive
Rapid City, SD
All About Curbs
(605) 393-0503
13589 Warrington Court
Rapid City, SD
Black Hills Landscapes
(605) 341-1745
1996 Sedivy Lane
Rapid City, SD
Flack Arlie & Linda
(605) 393-2029
6568 Greenfield Drive
Rapid City, SD
Heritage Nursery
(605) 343-8559
3500 West Chicago Street
Rapid City, SD
Irrigation Specialists Inc
(605) 388-8890
1670 Rand Road
Rapid City, SD
All Seasons Property
(605) 348-7811
2989 Pioneer Drive
Rapid City, SD
Cricket Lawn Service
(605) 342-1371
1645 East Centre Street
Rapid City, SD
Hardware Hank
(605) 343-5150
770 Mountain View Road
Rapid City, SD
Holsworth G J & Son Lawn Service Inc
(605) 343-5213
2102 Creek Drive
Rapid City, SD
Jenner Equipment Company
(605) 343-6682
3200 Deadwood Avenue
Rapid City, SD